Dedication 27

Dedication 27 powerboat plans


Offshore Sportfishing Boat

~ Professional or skilled amateur build

~ Plywood bottom, strip cedar sides

~ Glass reinforced inside and outside

~ Open decks for easy working

~ Cuddy cabin with toilet

~ Fishing or dive charters

~ Build from plans & patterns

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My client for this design was Kevin Agee, who also commissioned the Inlet Runner 16 garvey design. He commissioned that design for inshore fishing in rivers and inlets, then built it as his first-ever boatbuilding project. After that he built a stitch-&-glue plywood Argie 15 to get some more boatbuilding experience before tackling a bigger project. This boat is that bigger project. Between projects he also became my son-in-law, so I was able to work with him regularly building the new boat. In the photo above, Kevin and I are fishing for cobia on Chesapeake Bay a week or two after launch.

Dedication 27 powerboat plans
Kevin did a beautiful job of this build, close to perfection. It is a big project deserving quality workmanship, requiring good skills. It is possible for a skilled amateur woodworker to build her as a first boatbuilding project but quality of build will likely benefit from developing skills and teqhniques on a simpler boat first.
Dedication 27 powerboat plans
The tower, hardtop and crow's nest are not my design, so the plans don't include those details. Fabricators of these towers normally use their own designs and details. The drawings do include the centre console and leaning post to which the tower is bolted.
Dedication 27 powerboat plans
Construction is over a combination of permanent and temporary plywood bulkheads, support framing and girders, for which full-size Mylar patterns are included in the design. Other patterns included are the components of the outboard engine bracket and the profile for the laminated stem.

Hull skin is two layers of 9mm plywood to the bottom, with 20mm bead & cove cedar strip to the sides, all bonded with epoxy. The outside is covered with a layer of 1708 biaxial glass and the entire inside of the hull is covered with a layer of 1208 glass, laminated over all internal structure in the bilge and above.

The deck is detailed for plywood but Kevin chose to do this from Coosa foam board, for similar stiffness and less weight. This is also covered with 1208 glass both sides.
Dedication 27 powerboat plans
The bow has a cuddy cabin with marine toilet, also a pair of seats that allows crew to shelter from bad weather for short periods. The centre console houses all electrics and electronics and the leaning post aft seat contains a live bait well. Aft, against the transom, is a 360 litre (13cu.ft) insulated fish box.

Kevin chose a single 4-stroke Suzuki outboard motor but the outboard bracket has the capacity to take twin motors as well as more power. She floats very nicely with her current configuration and performs well. She cruises 26 knots at 4000rpm and tops out at at 41 knots full throttle.
Dedication 27 powerboat plans

Dedication 27 powerboat plans

Dedication 27 powerboat plans
I have documented the design and entire building process in posts on my blog. Follow the series by starting at the first post, titled 26ft Sportfisherman Design, then follow them through to launch and sea trials.

Our normal backup service comes at no charge to the buyer of the plans. The plans are drawn in the metric system and dimensioned with both millimetres and inches, so can be built in either the metric or imperial measurement system. Plans include Mylar patterns for frames, girders, stem, bottom plywood and outboard engine bracket.

Drawing list

Dedication 27 powerboat plans

Dedication 27 powerboat plans

Dedication 27 powerboat plans

Dedication 27 powerboat plans

Dedication 27 powerboat plans

Dedication 27 powerboat plans

Dedication 27 powerboat plans


Length overall - 8.99m [29'6"]

Length on deck - 8.27m [27'2"]

Length hull waterline - 7.32m [24'0"]

Beam - 2.59m [8' 6"]

Hull draft - 0.41m [1'4"]

Dihedral at transom - 15 degrees

Displ to DWL - 2700kg [5950lb]

Max power - 280kW [375hp]


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